Reasons to be

Lately I’ve been giving a good deal of thought as to why I chose to try my hand at this blogging thing. Being the nitpick I am, posting has been more of a challenge than I anticipated. There has been many a draft ravaged by the delete key and subsequently hidden away in a folder on my desktop. A blank page with all its undefined space has been surprisingly intimidating. Once I start filling up that space, I question whether or not my words amount to little more than silliness.

But then, I suppose we could all use a little silliness now and again. And while it can be a bit daunting to fill open spaces, there is a freedom in the unknown, a freedom to fail, to learn, to grow. And I think that’s what I hoped to find in this little corner of the world. This place with no walls, no expectations, no definitions. Somewhere I can be my messy, unrefined self complete with odd quips, fragmented sentences, and the occasional sound effect.

So why inksprout? At first, I wanted the name to reflect a melding of my interests in writing and attempting to live healthly-like. And with that notion, I put myself in a box and limited what I would write about. Now reflecting my self-imposed constraints, I’m trading them in for a less structured approach, because it’s through these fledgling efforts in ink that I hope to really see and experience life, celebrate and wrestle through what God has given me, explore the uncomfortable, and ultimately, sprout.