Welcome home

Thanks to my amazing in-laws, the oh-so-floral wallpaper that was taking over the walls AND CEILING in the kitchen, upstairs bathroom, and downstairs half bath is already gone. They even finished cleaning, patching, and painting the upstairs bathroom in addition to tackling a big chunk of the work in the kitchen and half bath. Amazing in-laws indeed.

There’s even been a bit of remodeling thrown in the mix since Philip opted to mow the lawn the other night and left me and Lori alone with the toolbox. We successfully liberated a couple of 70′s era speakers from the wall and made at least a few boards of wood paneling disappear in the process. Ah, the sweet catharsis of demolition. Next on the list is taking down some kitchen cabinets and I think Philip might be just as excited as I am to see them come down. Before and after pictures are in the making and I will certainly be posting them. What better way is there to celebrate a completed house project?